Ami-sophya Leggett - Personal Trainer

*certified level 3 - personal trainer

*certified level 2 - gym instructor 

Specialist Areas

*bespoke plans

*body confidence 

*body fat reduction

*muscle tone and development 

*nutritional guidance

*persistent motivation 

*weight loss

About Me

*I'm a certified level 3 PT and health coach here at PureGym, focused on helping clients achieve optimal health, through nutritional guidance, health and fitness coaching, providing better ways of managing the stresses of daily life and methods of improving wellbeing.

I have a huge passion for health, fitness, nutrition and being in all-round positive state of mind.

This stems from my life experiences, i first started on my fitness journey in my teens taking up rowing, cross country, athletics, kick boxing and muay thai. I then fell pregnant twice, became a size 16 and completely lost myself and my identity. I decided to lose weight through diet which i did successfully, back down to a size 10 but I still wasn't happy, I was squishy and skinny. I took up weight training eight years ago and from there  sculpted my body into something I felt proud of, I have suffered with a range of thing that could have potentially held me back, such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

The gym and living a healthy lifestyle completely gave me back my confidence, focus and strength.

Contact details  

Project Mayhem is a Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts club located in Exeter.

There coaches are all acclaimed experts in their respective fields, headhunted from around the South West. We have an outstanding record in competition.

The success of the club is built on hard work, good coaching and team spirit.

There’s no hard sell, contracts, etc. Project Mayhem has a great vibe and you will immediately feel at ease. Just come along and give it a try.

Sponsoring- The south  west bodybuilding championships